Adding Meters


  1. Click the Administration button in the ribbon at the top of the page.

  2. Click the Assets option in the Manage drop-down menu.



  3. You will be redirected to the asset management page landing on the customer as a whole unless you were previously on a specific facility. In this case, you will land on that specific facility.

  4. Click on the asset in the Assets tree to which you would like to add a meter.



  5. Click the “Meter +” button in the Meters table to add a new meter



  6. You will now be on the Settings > Asset Management > Measures Basic Information Page.

  7. You must provide data in the boxes in red or with the red * next to the title.



  8. If the Vendor/Utility Provider is not available in the dropdown, you can click on the New Vendor button to add the vendor.




  9. Always keep “Manual Data Collection” checked and enter as much information about the account as possible.  This includes the account number, tariff code, and/or rate class. 

  10. Always keep “Service Address” checked and enter as much information about the service address as possible.  This provides transparency and ease of use to the end customer as this information is displayed on bill capture pages. 



  11. Add any additional notes about the account/meter in the “Additional Notes” box.  This may include unit of measure, specific information needed for proper bill entry, identifying information about the meter that is not in another metric.  No account numbers or sensitive information is to be documented in this area 



  12. If this measure will contribute to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® metrics for the asset, check the “Sync Measure” Box 



  13. Click on the “+Add Property” box to add metrics to be tracked. 



  14. An Add Properties List will appear on your screen with specific metrics that are tracked based on the Meter Type you chose (ex., electric-grid).

  15. If you would like to have the option to add all of the metrics, check the ALL button and click “OK”.  If you would like to choose specific metrics, click each one you would like to track for this account and then click “OK”.



16.   You will be re-directed back to the Meter Set Up screen where you will click “Save” to complete set up of the meter.