Share Properties in Portfolio Manager with JadeTrack

This document outlines the process of sharing a property with JadeTrack in Portfolio Manager in order to sync the property energy data within the JadeTrack software.

Sharing a Property

Once a property has been created, or is ready to be shared, the first step is to add the JadeTrack Portfolio Manager (PM) account as a contact.  Properties cannot be shared with JadeTrack unless the user’s PM account and the JadeTrack PM account are connected as contacts.

Adding JadeTrack as a Contact

To add JadeTrack as a contact, first click on the “Contacts” button in the top right corner of the Portfolio Manager webpage.  This menu list should appear on every webpage within Portfolio Manager. For reference, see the image below.

After arriving at the “Contacts” page, click on the button labeled “Add Contact” or use the search bar labeled “Search for new contacts”.  Both of these are shown in the image below.

After clicking “Add Contact” or leaving the search bar blank and clicking “Search for new contacts” you will be redirected to a page that contains the search field shown in the image below.  To find the JadeTrack account, search using the following criteria:

Name: JadeTrack User
Organization: JadeTrack
Username: jadetrack

Once the account has been located, simply click on the “Connect” button that will appear next to the account name in the search results.  Where prompted, enter the Connection Key provided by JadeTrack and press the “Send Connection Request” button.

Sharing the Property and Giving Access

After JadeTrack has accepted the connection request, and the two accounts are officially contacts, click on the “Sharing” tab within the Portfolio Manager main menu bar. 

From the sharing page click on the “Share (or Edit Access to) a Property” button on the left hand side of the page.  This will lead to the Share (or Edit Access to) Properties page. From here you are able to select the number of properties you wish to share, the contacts with whom you’d like to share the properties (JadeTrack), and the permissions associated with the shared properties.  The image on the following page shows the screen that contains each of these fields.

After selecting the properties that are to be shared with the JadeTrack PM account, you will need to select the “Personalized Sharing & Exchange Data (“Custom Orders”)” option under “Choose Permissions”.  This will allow for the exchanged data to be synced to the JadeTrack software. Upon selecting “Personalized Sharing & Exchange Data (“Custom Orders”)” and pressing “Continue”, you will be brought to a page that contains the table below.

Clicking on “Edit” on the far right will bring up a new table, in which you must select “Full Access” for all items.  This will give JadeTrack full viewing and editing abilities for each item. An image of this table is shown on the following page.

After selecting “Full Access” for each item in the table and selecting “No” for the “Share Forward” option at the bottom of the table, click on the “Apply Selections & Authorize Exchange” button to close the table.  Click on the “Share Property(ies)” button at the bottom of the page to officially share the property or properties with the JadeTrack account. After accepting the shared permissions, we will be able to transfer all of the Portfolio Manager data into the JadeTrack software.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Login to Portfolio Manager

  2. Select Sharing tab

  3. Select Set Up Web Services/Data Exchange

  4. Select JadeTrack User (jadetrack)

  5. Select Properties to share:

  6. Multiple Properties

  7. Select Permissions, typically:

  8. I want to set permission levels in bulk...

  9. Exchange Data Full Access